Join the Free Grow Your Hair Challenge. A Free 30-day challenge designed to help you grow LONGER, THICKER, STRONGER hair!

By participating in the Her Beauty Regimen Grow Your Hair Challenge you can expect:


Daily community accountability to help you reach your #HairGoals in our private community

30 Days

Up to one inch of healthy hair growth and an easy-to-maintain hair and health routine

Free Workbook

We've created a workbook to help you meet and maintain your hair goals throughout the 30 days

You can create a regimen guaranteed to get you closer to your hair goals!

Did you know that healthy hair isn’t just genetic? It’s a combination of how you care for yourself inside and out. We use a combination of topical treatments, a hair growth diet, and physical exercise routines to help you look and feel your best. And, of course, grow longer, thicker, healthier hair.

Free Workbook Included

Maintain your #hairgoals with your free challenge workbook. This workbook is free for all who register. Turn your hair goals into a reality with this workbook. Watch the video for a look inside.

Who is the Grow Your Hair Challenge For?​

  • Women who desire to grow stronger, longer, thicker, and healthier hair
  • ​If you are tired of not meeting your hair goals and would like plan to finally get the hair you desire.
  • Busy women and moms looking for an easy-to-follow beauty routine that can help them look and feel their best

How the Grow Your Hair Challenge Works


Join the live training and expert sessions  on Wednesdays at 12:00 PM. Can't make it live, you can watch the replays


A healthy hair regimen that includes, daily journaling and tracking, and access to  Refreshed Hair and Growth Oil*, and recommended Vitamins* 


Health & fitness regimen that includes: hair growth recommended foods, water intake check-ins, and physical activity 

Meet The Founder & Host

Chanel E. Martin, an award-winning technology entrepreneur and founder of Her Beauty Regimen and The Grow Your Hair Challenge. HBR's journey began with the successful introduction of its best-selling product, Refreshed Hair & Scalp Oil. 

As a three-time beauty entrepreneur and a skilled chemical engineer, Martin brings a unique blend of science, technology, and beauty expertise to the table.

Her vision with HBR is clear: to simplify and enhance the beauty journey, making the experience of looking and feeling beautiful more straightforward and accessible for all. 

  • M.S. in Chemical Engineering 
  • ​3X beauty entrepreneur & scientist
  • ​Patented hair technology system currently used by Ulta


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Grow Your Hair 30 Day Challenge?

The Grow Your Hair Challenge is a free 30-day program designed to help participants achieve longer, thicker, and healthier hair. It integrates a blend of topical treatments, a hair-growth-supportive diet, and physical exercise routines, guided by health and beauty experts.

Who can join the Grow Your Hair Challenge?

This challenge is ideal for women looking to improve their hair's strength, length, and thickness. It's perfect for anyone eager to achieve their hair goals this year and those searching for an easy-to-follow beauty routine that enhances both their appearance and overall well-being.

What can I expect from this challenge?

Participants can anticipate up to one inch of healthy hair growth, an easy-to-maintain hair and health regimen, daily community support to reach hair goals, and expert guidance on health and beauty.

Is there any cost to join the challenge?

No, joining the Grow Your Hair Challenge is completely free.

How does the challenge work?

The challenge includes live training and expert sessions on Wednesdays at 12:00 PM. It features a comprehensive hair care regimen using Her Beauty Regimen Refreshed Oil and recommended vitamins, alongside a health and fitness regimen that promotes hair growth, includes water intake check-ins, and requires 30 minutes of physical activity three times a week.

What products will I need to participate in the challenge?

Participants will need Her Beauty Regimen Refreshed Oil and the recommended vitamins. Details on these products and where to purchase them will be provided upon signing up.

How can I sign up for the challenge?

You can sign up through our website. Just fill out the registration form, and you’ll receive all the details you need to get started.

8. Can I participate in the challenge with friends or family?

Absolutely! We encourage you to sign up with friends, family members, or anyone in your community. It’s a great way to stay motivated and enjoy the journey together.

What if I miss a live training session?

Don’t worry! All live sessions will be recorded, so you can catch up at your convenience.

How will my progress be tracked?

Your progress will be tracked through daily community check-ins and personal assessments. We recommend taking photos and measurements of your hair at the start and end of the challenge to visually see your results.

It’s fun and worth the experience, and best of all, it’s free to sign up.

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