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MYBO Success Kit


Six of our top-selling resources for Christian thought leaders and influencers looking for a blueprint of how to write their manuscript and get it ready to publish in no time!

Book to Course


Four quick modules for authors who want to learn how to turn their existing book into a course. *what type of course you should create *how to turn your book into a curriculum *what type of streaming and technology is needed *how to create a launch strategy

Author Academy


Inspiration for Christian thought leaders, influencers, writers, and future authors in 6 quick lessons.

3M Course - Mindset Marketing Money


Mindset Marketing Money mentorship program for business owners looking to build or relaunch their brand. Module One: Developing a mindset to win in business/ Understanding your business model Module Two: Creating your customer avatar Module Three: Validating and testing your business model Module Four: Digital Marketing best practices Module Five: Sales strategies for those who don't like selling Module Six: Systems that sell

Workbook Creation Masterclass


Workbook Masterclass: Make more money by turning your expertise, book, course, or training into a workbook I know some of you are wondering I am interested in creating a workbook, but what should it be about? Or, I have been trying to create one forever and can’t figure out how to get my book together At the end of this training, you will: Your workbook foundation Your workbook why Your workbook content Your workbook outline

Pitching & Fundraising for Small Business


This course consists of three lessons for entrepreneurs where our founder shares all her knowledge on fundraising, crowdfunding, and pitching and idea for your amazing new business.