The Supernatural Entrepreneur is a guide for those who are trailblazers, influencers, and leaders that are called to rely on God’s spiritual principles to build and grow their brands.

About the Book

The Super Natural Entrepreneur

The Supernatural Entrepreneur is a book dedicated to helping faith-based businesses navigate the trials and triumphs of entrepreneurship. Chanel E. Martin candidly shares practical supernatural principles that will challenge, encourage, and realign the reader to build their business with God. Martin details personal testimony and pairs it with Biblical references that speak to business owners at all levels.

Whether you are just starting out, preparing to launch, or are a seasoned entrepreneur, you will find this book to be laced with divine wisdom for your business. The Supernatural Entrepreneur is a guide for those that are trailblazers, influencers, and leaders that are called to rely on God’s spiritual principles to build and grow their brands.

“If you are not careful, you could easily confuse acceleration with overwhelm or even doing too much. When you are in a season of acceleration, you can’t just give up because you can’t keep up.”

About the Author

Prophetess Chanel E. Martin is an award-winning technology founder and the founder of Beyond The Book Media. Martin helps brands write manuscripts in 7 days and publish niche books. Chanel has taught thousands how to complete manuscripts in record time using her book writing formula!

Chanel is also the Co-Visionary of Kingdom Business Network, the largest Christian Entrepreneur Club on the Clubhouse App. Kingdom Business Network, also known as KBN, hosts 14 recurring rooms and reaches over 100K members nationwide! Chanel and her brands have been featured in national publications and broadcasts, including The Real, BET, Black Enterprise, Essence, Ebony, Forbes, Yahoo, Business Insider, and more.

Martin’s strategies help each small business owners authentically tell their unique brand story that resonates with their target audience, positions them as an expert, and increases their exposure on and offline. A chemical engineer who holds a master’s degree, Chanel has cracked the code on how to successfully brand, fund, and launch small businesses.

As wife and mom of four, Chanel lives by the mantra, “Walk in your purpose and let your light shine.” You can learn more about Chanel by following her on all social media platforms @chanelemartin and by visiting her website,

This book spoke the simple truth that NEEDS to be shared.
No more playing small. Chanel E. Martin. The chapter Your Faith Matters, Your Feelings Don’t and Prosperity vs Provision really blessed me.

This book is right in time for me, because God is calling me to GO AFTER MORE in this season. He's a God of way more than just enough. This book was a nice and practical reminder that my father is King, sovereign over all.

- Cassandra B.

This is not a one-time read. It’s a book to refer to for self-analysis, when strategizing, feeling stuck, etc. I read this book in one day in three sittings, but definitely would reference it.

I love that this is a practical book (with clear examples) that will help one to grow in faith and confidence, along with Biblical scriptures and references. Too many faith-based books do not quote The Word of God for one to learn more on their own. This book gives personal reflections, but leads His people to Him.

- Destiny M.

Chanel E. Martin!! I just finished reading and it was Rhema word for me! Oh my goodness! I needed every sentence for the season that I am in! I felt clearly understood! Thank you!

- Stevii M.

You have done it AGAIN! This book has me repenting and in full surrender in prayer to God!!! This is EVERYTHING. When we do it afraid, we forfeit the tools to complete the job! My God!

- Lindsey W.